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Little Stars Center was established by M.A.M.E. Association in June 2014 with the goal of providing support and recovery services to children with chronic diseases and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Thanks to funding received through SEE 2009 – 2014 grants,  NGO Fund in Romania, in the period March 1st , 2015 - April 30th, 2016,  140 children and 109 parents received information and guidance services, social assistance, individual and group therapy, medical counseling, nutritional counseling, legal advice, ludotherapy, speech therapy, emotional therapy workshops, kinetotherapy and occupational therapy.

In the Little Stars Center, children benefit, free of charge, from the following services:

Information and guidance
M.A.M.E. Association’ Support Team assist parents with children diagnosed with severe illnesses by providing: information and guidance in accessing form E112 / S2 necessary for payment of surgery or treatments that are not available in Romania, contacting and maintaining communication with clinics abroad, encouraging beneficiaries to request a second medical opinion. Also, at Little Stars Center, consultation meetings are held regularly with eminent doctors and specialists in various fields in benefit of parents who receive information about the diagnosis, adequate nutrition, treatments, legal rights and obligations or other specific problems arising in the crisis periods after receiving a severe diagnosis.
Social assistance
Case managers through social assistance service department provide support to children facing chronic illnesses and to those experiencing crisis situations or social vulnerability in order to increase quality of life and prevent and fight the risk of social exclusion. The support provided to the family and the child, in particular, is complex, personalized and adapted to the changing needs of the beneficiaries.

Individual and group therapy
Psychotherapists from Little Stars Center help children and their parents to find their inner resources and empower them to face easily and eventually overcome the crisis period, both struggling with severe illnesses and facing various psycho-social issues.
Medical counselling
Our medical consultant collaborates with the case manager and the psychotherapist to regularly assess social and medical needs of children beneficiaries of the center. It also provides counseling on issues related to treatments; diet and the social condition created by the illness in order to prevent potential complications and collaborates with physicians in hospitals and clinics to obtain accurate information on the health situation of the patient.
Nutritional Counseling
Our nutrition specialist provides workshops on topics related to healthy lifestyle for the children, beneficiaries of the center, and for their parents who receive information and useful recommendations for creating and maintaining healthy habits designed to improve their quality of life and provide a balanced physical and emotional condition in order to prevent potential health complications.
Legal advice
Legal Adviser collaborates with the case manager and provides legal support to the families in order to solve legal issues related to patient rights or socially assisted persons rights.
Recreational activities through play and socialization have as main objective the harmonious development of the child's group inclusion and educational development through dance workshops, theater, relaxing activities.
Speech Therapy
Speech therapy is centered on prevention, improvement or elimination of language disorders, occurring as a result of physical or mental condition, faced by the child at the moment when the family requests our help.
Emotional therapy workshops
Therapy through art and play offer children the opportunity to express themselves creatively in different forms: drawing, painting, modeling, collage, quilling, origami or role play by helping them reduce their negative feelings and overcome their health or social problems.

Medical gymnastics performed under the supervision of a specialist ensure the medical recovery of the child with various musculoskeletal disorders through exercises adapted to their needs and capacities.
Occupational therapy
Occupational therapy activities are dedicated to children with physical or mental disabilities and put into practice with the use of metal, plastic, fabric or wood instruments in order to help them practice their concentration, motor skills, cognitive perception, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, neuropsychological capacities.
Socio-educational activities
In the Little Stars Center, the children participate in educational and socialization activities organized to help children reintegrate socially and spend their free time in a more pleasant and constructive way.